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"My mission is to share the secrets to a true radiant body using a feminine approach to fitness for women AND men."

Alice Bowmaker

Are you ready to fall in love with your body again?

Body Victory Retreat, 2019


Join Alice in Mallorca in May or July!

Fall in love with your body, experience the power of breathwork, movement and meditation, and meet like minded women. You will leave feeling victorious and radiant in your feminine form.

It is time to reclaim your body.

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Empowering our children


Alice and Casey present 'The Venus Project'

Learn effective meditation tools & self-soothing yoga practices - that can be easily filtered down into family life. Share thought provoking ideas around empowerment,& create a space where we are exposed to latest developments on living a holistically healthy life with our families. 

For Parents - children can come too!

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Online Classes


Join the growing tribe of women ready to love and take great pleasure in their bodies again.

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Full bodied Workshops


Awaken Your Senses: A 1/2 Day Meditation Immersion


  • Essential Oils
  • Ancient Sound Currents (Mantras)
  • Movement Meditation
  • Chocolate Meditation
  • A Deep Theta Brainwave Meditation
  • Crystals (of course!)

10th March, 2019

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1-2-1 Sessions


Intuitive Personal Training & Yoga

For an experience that is tailored to your unique journey back to loving your body.

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Immense Mums Classes


A Fitness & Meditation class for the mum's of Hackney.

In a small group make fitness part of your life again AND learn meditation techniques to help deal with the demands of motherhood.

Feel Empowered in Your Body!

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"I had the total pleasure of taking Alice's classes whilst on holiday in Italy. They were wonderful! She has such a peaceful presence and I loved how much intention went into both the physical and spiritual practices. Thank you Alice and I hope to take your classes again somewhere in the world! Wishing you the best xx"

- Susi, London

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That positive emotions and thoughts towards your body, actually energize you towards making effortless choices that promote radiant health and fitness. It is a chicken and egg situation!

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