the Interactive Body transformation online retreat

Enjoy the life changing and body healing benefits of Alice's Body Transformation Retreats from your own home! 

Included in this 5 day retreat:

- Daily Video Yoga Classes

- Recorded guided meditations

- Worksheets that focus on using different chakras to improve body-confidence, self-love and educate you how to utilise your sacred vessel to transform your life!


DAY 1: The Drop In

We rekindle our romance with our body experincing the world sensationally, feeling the supported and widening our perspective beyond our immediate reality. Today we activate the ROOT & CROWN chakras. 

DAY 2: The Juciness of Flow

We unlock our potent creative energy that allows us to offer our unique talents to the world by awakening the SACRAL & THIRD EYE chakras

DAY 3: In Your Power

Strong in our core we build fire in our belly, inner confidence and FINALLY speak our truth. We do this by igniting the SOLAR PLEUX & THROATS chakras

DAY 4: Feel The Love

We explore the powerful healing vibrations of self-love and acceptance as the HEART chakra is activated.

DAY 5: Intergrate

Fitting all of the pieces of the puzzle together, our relationship with our body dramatically shifts from one of rejection and avoidance, to one of intrigue, awe and inspiration to utilise it's magical powers to live our most radiant life.


£25 + FREE ONLINE 30 min 1-2-1 Consultation


*Booking conditions:

Once you have made the payment please email with your FULL NAME and you will be booked on to the next online retreat.

**Terms & Conditions

All participants joining onto this retreat do so at their own risk, so please consult a medical professional if you have any injuries, medical conditions or are currently pre/post natal. By clicking the button below you accept full responsibility for making conscious choices and maintaining the health of your own body.



I will forever be grateful for the majestic, empowering and esteemed yoga retreat. 

Your kriya and asanas truly encompassed a connection and union to the self with the liberation for self expression and creativity. 

The workshops fostered a deeper reflection within ourselves and our essential harmony with the Universe and nature. 

On leaving, I felt a complete unity with mind, body and soul - the Brahman within. 

Kajal, June 2018

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