Upcoming Retreats

New Year Yoga Retreat

Picture of women meditating - https://alicebowmaker.com/new-year-yoga-retreat

Next Date: January 5th - 7th 2018

Location: Brooklands Barn


Spring Yoga Retreat

Picture of a lake - https://alicebowmaker.com/spring-yoga-retreat

Next Date: April 13th - 16th 2018

Location: West Lexham, UK

Updated 14/03/18: 1 Space Left!

Goddess Transformation Retreat

Picture of a woman at a beautiful sky - https://alicebowmaker.com/goddess-in-sri-lanka

Next Date: November 1st - 11th 2018

Location: Dondra, Sri Lanka

Limited spaces 

Your Body is Your Power Retreat

Picture of scenery in Sora - https://alicebowmaker.com/italian-summer-retreat

Next Date: June 17th - 23rd

Location: Sora, Italy

Update 16/03/18: 3 Spaces left