7 Day Yoga Video Series

A YOU ready to get to know your chakras?

Part ONE of a 7 day series, comprising of 10 minute yoga videos that take you through the Chakras. 

- Accessible to ALL levels

- Perfect to start your day with

- Awakens the mind, body & soul

Please practice safely, within your boundaries and at your own risk. 

New Moon Meditation

My gift to you!

A short but powerful guided meditation. Created to teach you how to use your meditation practice and the New Moon energies to heal and manifest. 

ALL Levels will benefit. 

Spring equinox meditation

Join me for this short meditation that harnesses the Spring Equinox energy for a final cleansing. We will be asking to remove the things from the last year that are not required anymore, creating space to invite in new things that we would like to see manifest into our lives.

5 Min Chocolate Meditation

 This is a live recording from my monthly Women's Circle. Please excuse the less than perfect audio as this just an extra free offering for those people who couldn't make it this month!


- Listened to with headphones. 

- Use the best quality chocolate you can - dark chocolate if you can tolerate it.  

- Find a quiet room where you won't be deserved and sit or lie down