My Personal Journey

Who the hell are you calling Goddess?


Hi Goddess, my name is Alice. I know it sounds weird for me to address you as that. I would never have thought that would be my opening line even 1 year ago. But that is what you are, even if you don't know it yet. My personal and professional work with the Sacred Feminine (or Goddess or Mother Earth) is to unveil the secrets to living and embodying the true radiant self - my own and yours too. Healing from an eating disorder over the past 10 years, I have become grateful for those painful years as I found great insight and depth of character from this period of my life. It lead me to this point, speaking my truth, living a life full of magic, committing to loving all sides of myself, confidently pursuing my dreams, and realising how I can best serve this world.

Following the intense period of my life, in which my eating disorder consumed my world, I began my journey of self-study and healing. In 2013 I found myself qualifying as a Personal Trainer, then in 2014 a Yoga Instructor and finally a Reiki Healer in 2017. Along this path of personal and professional development I discovered that:

- In order to realise and connect to, our true source of power it requires nourishment of body, mind & soul. 

- In order to be in love with ourselves and our lives. It requires nourishment of body, mind and soul. 

- In order to live the stuff of dreams, it requires nourishment of body, mind and soul. 

So really my quest for external beauty, actually lead me to a place that went way beyond the skin. It lead me onto am transformational path of working with the Divine Feminine, and bringing that into the lives of others. The 3 pieces of the jigsaw the help to nourish the whole of my Goddesses are:

Fitness - BODY * Yoga - MIND * Reiki - SOUL

The union of these three pieces make us up to be whole. If one is under nourished or wounded, in my experience, it is definitely having a direct impact on the other two. If you take away 1 piece of the triangle, the other two will collapse. I have spent many years as a personal trainer helping women to lose weight, some found it easy and some difficult, even though they were both prescribed the same programme. And why was that? Because, whilst one woman needed to push her body, what the other woman actually needed was to look at the self-destructive thoughts in her mind or the wounds she was holding on to in her soul.

As we turn our attention inwards and start to peel back the layers, in our darkest corners we find the greatest wisdom and insight that we could never have imagined was accessible to us. But as we go IN, like really facing the stuff we don’t want to, it is hugely transformational to have someone holding space for us, supporting and using their experience to guide us through. I am the one, like many others before and after me, who has the calling to hold that space. Bringing together the three pieces, I draw on my own personal and professional experience, my continual training and research, and presence to ensure your live radiantly.